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by Deltaecho6
Wed Jun 14, 2017 7:45 pm
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Topic: Once again - auction or market place in town/towns
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Re: Once again - auction or market place in town/towns

Hmm well that's one case . However that might be for the update after the recent one that got announced in their facebook page . Or maybe the current one . Who knows !!! They said they are bringing a lot of new contents so we gotta stay tuned . Also I think the auction system is quite useless at the...
by Deltaecho6
Mon Jun 12, 2017 11:23 am
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Topic: Updates?
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Re: Updates?

Ikr .I had the same exact thought . But I hear the dev is facing some real life problems so the updates might take time . Longer than usual .
by Deltaecho6
Mon Jun 05, 2017 1:46 pm
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Topic: Companions
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Re: Companions

Hmm might as well add cyborgs . Another species but you can also fight them as npc chars in maps . Also a quest like that would be awesome . Where a cyborg army actually wants to breed esmselves and there's a head cyborg simply called " The Master " .