Updating Rule 6 and Rule 7

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Updating Rule 6 and Rule 7

Post by ardesia » Mon Aug 20, 2018 8:50 pm

Things in a MMORPG never cease evolving: community, contents, habits and - of course - rules.
The game staff is constantly monitoring rules and ready to update them, with the goal of keeping them as fair as possible.

At the present moment, we are updating Rule 6 and Rule 7.
On the light of some tech news, we now can balance them.

Trading characters and using third parties programs are equally bad.
They are going to be equally punished, starting on 2018 September the 1st.

Please read the new version of the rules in the Game Rules post: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=151
  • Why is trading accounts so bad for the game and the community?
    OV is a social game.
    A character has a name, friends, and is known for his/her behaviour.
    There are characters known to be helpful, others known to be killers.
    If there are more people using the same account, the character in game will act very weirdly. One day he/she will be friendly with someone, the day after he/she will not even know previous friends, or will attack them. This is confusing and frustrating, and damages trus.

    A character also have a history. It is created from zero and levelled up through fatiguing tasks: quests and farming are not easy.
    If a player wants a high level character, they should work on it, level it up, earn its level.
    Being allowed using someone's else characters is unfair: it takes away meaning from other players' efforts.

    Then, trading characters (and remember sharing is included in trading) is bad for the game system.
    The game is not generated by magic: there's a programmer working on it, plus the server costs money as well.
    When a character is traded, the buyer is damaging the game under an economical point of view too
  • Why is autoclicking so bad for the game and the community?
    Again, OV is a social game.
    It is perfectly fine that we don't greet all players we meet in the world maps, as we don't greet everyone when we walk our city's streets. But a character placed somewhere, grinding while no one is looking at it, not answering other players' chat/actions at all is definitely bad.
    It creates a surreal situation, and no one wants a social game populated by bots.
    It is also very unfair towards all the good players who earn their levels and items through active playing the game.
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