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Posted: Mon Jun 19, 2017 12:42 pm
by ardesia
It is possible to settle alliances between factions.

When two factions (A and B) are allied:
  • PvP between members (A<->B) is not possible
  • guards of faction A don't attack B members (and viceversa)
  • faction A buildings cannot be attacked by B members, nor shoot at them (and viceversa)
In order to ally two factions, both sovereigns have to require a GM for the alliance.
No alliance will be established if requested by others than sovereigns, nor if requested by just one sovereign.
Once the request has been stated, it is being settled as soon as possible.
When established, it is going to be immediatly active, but if faction buildings are in alert status they might need the daily server restart in order to function as allied.

It is also possible to break an alliance. The requesting sovereign has to inform a GM (again, alliances lifting is being done on sovereigns only request)