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Hello wastelanders! My name is Max Stone.
Do you wish for a greater life in the wastes? Do you suffer daily from radiation poisoning and dehydration?
Perhaps you constantly work day and night. Only to have your hard earned chips stolen by bandits.
The Brotherhood of Steel is here for you, we provide food and water to our members, not to mention our boys on the home front provide handouts of food and water to those who are suffering in established settlements.
Those who call the following settlements or farms home are eligible for recruitment into our ranks:



•McJoel Family Farm

•And Oasis

Together we will Purge the wasteland of all extortionists and raider gangs and their allies. And please. Feel free to ask a Brotherhood member today to join our ranks! You may qualify for an evaluation today!


•To become an official member. You must at least be level 10, Volunteers are available to help obtain the level necessary to gain our clan tag

•All members regardless require a Telegram account

•If you have any friends or family members who wish to join a clan, Please. Recommend them to us!

*Must know the Game rules, and respect the GM's no matter what the issue*

Ad Victoriam! May steel be with you. For High Elder Rha!
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Ad Victoriam!
Max Stone

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