need help about resetting stats

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Re: need help about resetting stats

Post by Hdmijack » Thu Mar 30, 2017 11:28 pm

I just reached level 5 and am about to build a nice engineer. But the game dont allow me to put more than 11 Points on intelligence. Is there a cap, or a max difference between the stats? I really want to know. Because if there is something like it, there is no Point of resetting my stats. And is there a crafting table at all? Would be nice to know what i may use. And yes, i know that your crafting options are doubled if you got to a workbench. And how are the chemicals working? Only Antidote on level 1? And is it even possible to craft your own clothes? Many many questions. I know. If there is a Wiki by any chance, please enlighten me. :shock:

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