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cant craft bandages and clean water anymore?

Posted: Thu Mar 25, 2021 7:52 am
by KellDran
so i get you all are trying to fix this game.... im going to tell you right now... THIS GAME WILL DIE unless you make it playable at a any level under 100..... im so flaming mad right now at how ridiculous this GREAT game has fallen.... Im not sure what type of people your catering too by making this so hard but thats why you dont have a big fan base btw.... No one wants to spend hours grinding just to have some guy run up and take 200k xp away cause healing takes 5 minutes. I promise you i can help you guys make this game something good if you follow my advice. and at least reduce the xp loss as you gain higher levels.... People want to be able to see their progress not watch it dwindle away cause of really dumb game mechanics.... Im so irritiated at how this game is handled cause it could be so great in the 4 or 5 years its been alive.... :/ i really want to see this game happen cause its unique in my opinion and the fact that it reminds me of old school fallout is a hit on my nostalgia.

If you think the game is just fine then good luck getting any people to play before you actually 100% get it done.... But if you feel you could use some advice on how to make it so people stay and play. I could write a book and its all really easy stuff, promise.... simple things like reducing xp loss and reducing time to heal at LOW levels so people can actually experience the game for 10 levels and make a decision if they want to experience the game at harder difficulities. I see so many people stuck at lvl 1-5 and its really lame cause ive played before. im aware it takes killing bugs til lvl 10 to really do anything in the game and if you dont have a way to get money in game right away you never get gear that helps progress..... Im sorry if i sound like im bitching cause im not... im lvl 29 and i know i can kill bugs for 60xp a pop for 1 million exp cause thats the safest way withouy dying or running all over the map to heal/drink/eat/ de-radiate..... how many bugs is that?.... As it stands, this game is dependent on followers and thats not good when they can permanently die AND as they die 1 bag space is taken.... so im just confused on how you guys expect this game to get any playerbase with how it is..... I really want to help honest....