New quests ideas

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Re: New quests ideas

Post by Zef_ninja » Wed May 03, 2017 4:56 am

Farmer MacJoel's Barn or Rebuilding From the Ruins

After you get farmer MacJoel's brother back, he requests help fixing up the property.
First, he needs help repairing his barn, which requires some balanced amount of building wood for the roof and maybe cement for the foundation.
Ideally, this would change the appearance of the barn to make it look nicer.
Then, he asks for help building a perimeter fence around his crops and buildings, requiring more construction materials, and scrap metal.
Once this, or some part, of it is complete, he offers a discount on prepared food.
Another option is that when the quest and sub quests are finished, this can be a place where you are welcome to rest and heal, possibly even grow a row or two of vegetables. Or even some livestock.
Please add suggestions to this as I think it can be expanded on.

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Re: New quests ideas

Post by Elbin » Wed May 03, 2017 1:15 pm

The "hot bug" quest line

A lone entomologist, Dr. Areolus, stands next to a tree.


Areolus: - Hello. Might I interest you in helping with my latest project?
Player: - What is it about?
Areolus: - A fascinating creature! It's a kind of beetle that feeds on radioactive carrion in the wastes.
Player: - Uh, what's so interesting about that?
Areolus: - Why, it survives the radiation of course. If you get me a handfull I can do some tests and try to find how the beetles do it. You can find them in the forest east/west/north/south of here, hiding under the bark of the trees.

Beetles can generally be found in the nearby forest by searching trees. The beetles are a food item [hunger:-10, thirst:+20, poison:95%, radiation:+100, health:-20]. When you find 5 of them you can return to the good doctor.

Player: - Here are your beetles.
Areolus: - Wonderful! Say, you haven't been touching these, have you? They are quite radioactive.
Player: - What?!? You didn't tell me that...
Areolus: - Ah, it doesn't matter, what's another week's dose for you anyway. Here's a couple of vomiters if you feel you should take precautions.

Reward: two vomiters and 500 xp

Areolus: - Hey, you are still here. How about you do some real science this time?
Player: - Does it involve touching radioactive beetles?
Areolus: - Weeeell...
Player: - I thought so.
Areolus: - Look, we'll just make some measurements on your metabolism. You simply eat one...
Player: - You're crazy, you know that?!? How will that help science?
Areolus: - As I said, I'll draw some blood after you eat one...
Player: - So now you want my blood too!?!
Areolus: - It's perfectly safe, I assure you! I've done it loads of times on my pet squoyote.
Player: - So, make the squoyote eat the bug!
Areolus: - I... tried.
Player: - The squoyote died, didn't it?
Areolus: - It had been under the weather for some time anyway. I'm sure you'll make it. Please?

After you eat the bug you talk to the doctor again.

Player: - That was disgusting!
Areolus: - No matter, your pappilae will be back to normal in a couple of weeks.
Player: - Come again?
Areolus: - I mean, dirty water will taste like bug stew to you for some time. As will almost everything else probably.
Player: - Doc, tell me why I shouldn't be kicking you right now.
Areolus: - Uh, because I'm going to pay for your trouble right away?

Reward: a Radflush (or clean water, or maybe 500 chips) and 500 xp.

Areolus: - Why, if it isn't my favourite assistant! Are you ready to bravely break the cutting edge of science with me?
Player: - Is it sharp?
Areolus: - Huh?
Player: - The edge. I'm asking in case you want me to cut myself with it.
Areolus: - Don't be ridiculous, I'd never endanger your life! I just need you to get me some materials for the serum I came up with thanks to you!
Player: - The one you extracted from my blood?
Areolus: - Actually I used a termite as a test subject after that. And it was a grand success!
Player: - Wait, so I ate the damn thing for nothing?
Areolus: - Focus on the present, not the past. I'll share the recipe for the serum with you if you get me some more termite venom and excretiae.
Player: - Well, at least I'm not eating termites this time. Wait, ex-what?

The doctor needs three venomous jaws and three pieces of muck from bugs.

Areolus: - Perfect! Here, let me show you how to make those beetles edible.
Player: - Wait, I thought you said there was a serum?
Areolus: - Ah well, my other... test subject had an overdose why you were away. The serum project had a setback. But at least now you know how to eat the deadlies bug on earth!
Player: - I already did that!
Areolus: - Here, have one on me. They are pretty tasty without the radioactive shell.

Reward: 500xp and a Shelled Beetle, plus the recipe to make them. The "cooked" beetle is a food item [hunger:-200, thirst:+40, poison:15%, radiation:+20, health:+5]. The recipe requires no tooltable and the ingredients are a beetle, a piece of muck, and a poisonous jaw.
Respect all...

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Re: New quests ideas

Post by Elbin » Fri May 05, 2017 1:05 pm

The "Junker General" quest line

This is actually made to be a network of quests spread out across the lands. Basically the idea is to retrieve a specific junk item that is only findable by random scavenging in the wastes (things I've seen so far: a bronze ashtray, rusty pan, rusty saw, heating plate, tires, plastic flashlight, vynil records, car plates) and is generally assumed to be broken down for components. The difference from regular quests is that the quest givers are not people, but objects: a large rock, a desert tree, a broken vehicle, some debris, etc. The objects cannot be scavenged as normal, and instead start the "dialogue" (rock example):

You see a piece of paper sticking out from under the rock. It's very ragged and dirty, but there is still some legible writing on it:
"Two bronze ashtrays are needed! Deliver the goods to this location or suffer the conseqences!!!!!"

When you bring the items back to the rock:

As you put the ashtrays under the rock you notice another crumpled piece of paper stuck deeper into the earth. After some careful pulling you get to read another message:
"This is not the End!! We need more stuff at the other collection points! Vigilance!!!"
Reward: 2500 xp (since there is noone to give the player items as a reward and the specific items are actually quite rare to get the xp should be good)

This unlocks another similar quest at another object location. I can provide some fun text about the notes/messages at each spot if there's interest.

Finally, after several such deliveries and a lot of notes with threats on them, the last quest is activated. The quest giver is an old junker (in a small village/town or standing next to a rundown shack). Players have to find him on their own, there is no clue that the last delivery has unlocked another quest.

Old man: - You there! Bring me an empty whiskey bottle! Make it fast or suffer the consequences!
Player: - Yeah, right... Wait, why does that sound familiar?
Old man: - I don't care about your familiars, private! If you disobey a direct order I'll have to use lethal force to put you straight!
You notice now that the man is wearing an old uniform. Some unidentifiable insignia is sewn at the front.
Player: - How will I follow orders if you use lethal force on me?
Old man: - That's your problem, private, not mine! Now get to it!

When you bring an empty bottle to the man:

Player: - I got you a bo...
Old man: - In a moment, private.
You see he is writing something in an old notebook. The rough-edged pages look strangely familiar. The man finishes a note with a flourish and looks at you.
Old man: - Now, give it here. Good one, but empty. Why do they always bring me empty bottles? You'd think one of them might still be full...
He dumps the bottle on a pile behind him. You see the broken remains of a lot of bottles, some beer cans and a wooden looking barrel. He sees your stare.
Old man: - Ah, you noticed my rations. Here, let me fill you a bottle.
He picks up a bottle that is still whole (yours didn't survive the drop) and fills it from the barrel.
Old man: - Take care, private! VIGILANCE!
Reward: 500xp and Liquid rations [thirst:-250, hunger:-250, poison:5%, rad:-50, health:-10, sickness:+100]
Respect all...

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Re: New quests ideas

Post by Moneypenny » Sat May 13, 2017 2:59 am

Miner 49er Quest. (minimum L10 required)

(part one)
Miner: "Like I said, I knows ever thang what happened bufore." ..... Well howdy young feller! you come fer a story too? Before that I need some help..

Player: What can I do for you old timer?

Miner: I'm tryn to get a mining operations going but I cant seem ta get past this hard stone that be all over here. Ifn I had some dynamite that would sure help.. but cant find any round these parts.. but with the right stuff I can make me some bangn dynamite!!!

Player: What do you need?

Miner: If ya can git me TEN 20 gauge shotgun shell packs I think that ll git me started.

Player: Accept/Reject Quest

Player: return with 10 20 gauge shotgun shell packs

Miner: Well glory be! Sure took ya long enuf... I didn't think ya had it in ya....... guess I was wrong.

Miner: here... I found this.. it aint no good to me but you might have a use for it.

Reward - XP 5000 item - rusty Sawn off shotgun

(part two)

Miner: Now, like I was saying... I knows ever thang that happened before..... Huh? you still here son? Got nottin better ta do I see... Well I do need some more thangs ifn yall a willin ta help.

Player: Yes I can

Miner: Well hot dawg son .. that's what I wanted ta here....... first.... ya know I gets a might parched out here in the sun all day.. and the dang dust aint no help either.... I know this guy that makes a fine bottle of whiskey.... I cant go myself ya know... seeun as I gotta watch my mining equipment...

Player: where do I get it?

Miner: Son... can I call ya son... cus ya just like my his soul... Ya look just like him too... in fact I got a picture right here somewhere....."rustle..rustle"...

Player: Uhhh.....what about the whiskey?

Miner: Whiskey? .. you thirsty..... that's right you gonna git me a bottle....sometimes the heat gits ta me an I forget whats what..

Miner: anyways I knows a man that makes a fine bottle of whiskey .. least he used to... go help him out and I'm sure He fix ya right up.

Player: Accept/Reject quest

Complete whiskey bottle quest.....

Player: Give whiskey bottle to miner

Miner Oh yaaa .. that's what I'm talkn about..... best whiskey in the wastelands.....

Reward XP- 10000 item - EMPTY whiskey bottle.

(part three)

Miner: What I need next gonna sound a bit strange.. I need some toys.....I think they calls it a yo yo... what I need is the string..... ifn I soak it on a concoction of whisky n gunpowder... why it makes a fine fuse.... not really.... I aint tryin to kill myself... I need the string to tie together the dynamite... Bring me 5 yo yo's and ill make it worth your while.

Player: Accept/Reject quest

Player : give yo yo's to miner

Miner: Never had a doubt... now yall didn't rough up any youngns to get these did ya?.... awww shucks I'm just joshn ya... Ya look like an upstanding feller..

Reward XP - 20000 item - Military heal pack x3

(part four)

Miner: I'm almost ready to start blastin but I aint got no blastin caps... I think I can use some old pre war tech n jerry-rig em ....Just thinkn bout the war makes my heart ache.. my poor boy..why why why!!!

Player: He die in the war?

Miner: what? no he didn't die in the war... the idiot stepped on somfin and it done him in. Anyway bring me five tech remains and I make it worth your while..... what? I said that already.... dang son didn't I tell ya the sun is gettn to me......My poor son... why why.... why did ya leave me....... whyd ya have ta take up farming.

Player accept/Reject quest

Player: give five tech remains to miner

Miner: woohoo!!! finally I'm ready to start blastin rock. It all thank to you. here is a little something to show my gratitude.... oh and stop by sometime and Ill let ya have a bit of my building materials.. that is if ya need it.

Reward - 100000 XP item - Axe / 1% chance Fire Axe / 1% chance sawn off shotgun
every 24 hours 1 load of construction steel

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