Suggestions of the day :)

If you have ideas to improve this great game, post them here!
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Dr PaiN
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Suggestions of the day :)

Post by Dr PaiN » Sat Aug 12, 2017 9:01 pm

1- PvP arena + events like marathon across the desert + rewards
2- profile picture (not obligatory)
3- gambling games in (saloon)
4- better weapons
5 -boss enemies 100k/200k experience
6-outlaw stats stay 3 days instead of 7
7-bycicle/cart any wheel move fast+storage

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Re: Suggestions of the day :)

Post by Ryaca » Mon Aug 14, 2017 11:43 pm

I like some of these but definitely do not like the outlaw suggestion. I think outlaw status should last longer.

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