sugestion: Quest line

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sugestion: Quest line

Post by sirkamil » Mon Nov 27, 2017 3:13 pm

When all quests in a given area are finished, village leader gives you a quest where to go next.

Additional quest ideas.

Each ingame monster has a mini boss variant.
+25% lv and stats. Go to location, triger.spawn, bring back head|skin/other proof

Each type mob hunting quest 5/15/50

Drafting gives xp, more advanced item = more xp

Dialy crafting quests (food/water/other item - all crafting dialy quest must be made.from drops in near area)

Dialy resuply quests (eg, bring 20 scrap)

Pvp arena with chosable pre prepared characters.
Ranking and arena currency. And items to buy for it.

(kills level gap, yoh can buy eq for pre prepared chars or for your own. Pre prepared are lv 5/15/40)level locked, 3 leauges, etc...

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