Ammo Variants

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Ammo Variants

Post by TrexApex » Tue Nov 28, 2017 1:06 am

Incendiary- Causes Damage Over Time Doing 3% Damage Per Second Lasts 7 Seconds
Armor Piercing- Add 50% More Armor Piercing
Hollow Point- 100% More Damage 50% Less Armor Piercing
Slug Rounds- Lower Negative Range Aiming By 30% No Spread(If they add shotgun attack radius) 10% More Damage
Magnum Rounds- +20% Higher Negative Range Aiming 30% More Damage
Bean Bag Rounds- 95% Less Damage 20% Chance To Stun Enemy For 7 Seconds And Slow Enemy By 70% For 15 Seconds
Self Tracking Bullets- If User Misses Bullets Have A 50% Separate Chance Of Hitting.
Full Metal Jacket Bullets- Hitting The Enemy Consistently Without Missing Gets A Damage Boost Of 20% Stacks To 3
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