Creating ratings.

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Creating ratings.

Post by Vano » Sat Jan 06, 2018 2:26 pm

I have a proposal to create "Clan ratings" and individual ratings. I propose to create a tab of ratings of clans and ratings of players. For example, in order to earn points for a rating, you must build buildings, destroy the construction of other clans and kill players of other clans. And every week, the clans that took the first 3 places will get good prizes in the form of weapons, tokens or game currency. Now about the ratings of players: Receiving points for killing players. Also a special icon. For example: 1 place: next to the player's name will be a glowing, slightly bloodied icon. 2 place: next to the player's name will be the usual bloody icon. 3 place: next to the player's name will be the usual icon. 3-10 places: next to the name of the players will be a silver icon. 10-15 places: next to the nickname of the player will be a bronze icon. There will also be a weekly reset. Players' rating will not always pass, and when it passes, then it will not be possible to get the status of an outcast
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Re: Creating ratings.

Post by ardesia » Sun Jan 07, 2018 7:25 am

Nice idea :)
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Re: Creating ratings.

Post by Aegis » Sun Jan 07, 2018 11:19 am

I like most of whats written there:)
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Re: Creating ratings.

Post by MazeWindow » Mon Jan 08, 2018 12:18 am

I think in free form, this kind of ratings will completely destroy the game balance. It will turn mmorpg survival into a chaotic shooter, what considering existing of bugs which allow players to gain unfair advantage in PvP will spread fear and anger among players and ruin the gameplay. Also it will hurt players with weak or non-PvP builds, and weak clans because in this case, rewarding the strongest will only make imbalance progress, making strongest even stronger and weak relatively weaker. In addition with current attack mechanics, clanned high-level chars will be able to "grind" clanned low-level chars while unclanned low level chars with right build and gear will be able to kill any high-level chars because it takes time for SYSTEM to realise that one is being attacked so he can strike low-level attacker back.

What I think will help to improve such mechanics is :
1. Secial place for PvP like Coliseum or something like that where all level and factioning attack restrictions will be ignored. Possibly its even worth to make kind of a bookmaker and/or an auditorium using buttons which will lock players camera on ring, allowing to enjoy the battle.
2. Special mode of 'active PvP' players who want to challenge themselves in such events. Its activating will take away attack restrictions for all involved chars and change players nickname somehow, showing others that he is involved. Such players will be able to attack other challenging players but will also be vulnerable for such attacks.
This will separete players who want to level up and dont want to lose exp after beign killed.
3. Clan wars. Faction leader declares war on other faction, members of attacked faction recieve a notification that they are in war now. Attackers leader have "retreat" button, defenders leader have "capitulate" button. When one of those is pressed, other faction can discuss peace and demand something as contribution or continiue destroying other faction. Both clans members will be able to attack each other despite level restrictions.

All actions will influence players and factions ratings.

The most valiant, honoured and brave warriors will achieve material rewards and medals which will be shown near their nickname or in char observation window (the one you see after tapping on char and then on binoculars).

Hope it will help to make game better.
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Re: Creating ratings.

Post by Duglas Sytin » Mon Jan 08, 2018 2:10 pm

I like this idea about rating...but Maze talking a more nice plan, how made it. I think...

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