New gear and safe slots

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New gear and safe slots

Post by ThreeDog » Thu Apr 13, 2017 4:38 am

I was thinking seeing biker gloves the other day but I reallized theirs no slot for them and I thought time to sugguest something so Im gonna pitch a few things here,I think we should have extra armor slots i.e Gloves,masks(some helmets or hats allow your face to be shown)and shoes because you cant go through the wasteland without wearing some trusty military boots :) I was thinking outlaws can visit towns ONLY with a mask on regarding the fact that a week penalty for killing 5 players(without reset) shouldnt be as harsh as it is I had to ditch my old account because of that I litterly could not play the game players would kill me at every turn I couldnt sell anything had no income and couldnt buy anythin I was spawn killed consistantly it was a mess all I wanted was a little peace yknow I begged sometimes and theyd kill me anyway,ANYWAY going on about armor I think coats should have pockets and these pockets are unlootable meening if you die whatever you put in those pockets will not be dropped but these pockets should be very limited only 2 or 3 even on high quality stuff,im thinking that way people dont lose guns and ammo or other valuable stuff,I bought a rusty gun planning on restoring it when its easier to get cleaning kits and I died had a full backpack(with an upgrade too) and the only thing I lost was my gun way in the back,also we should be able to use a tool system in this game,equipable tools to use in a variety of situations generly just one slot and one tool you can have some wire cutters or something to cut through previously fenced off areas making access to it only availible to those who have gone and put forth the effort to gain this tool giving access to say a military bunker or a secret route into a raider camp stuff like that...anyway I think thats all for elaborating on this subject good luck devs.
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Re: New gear and safe slots

Post by Ericknator » Thu Apr 13, 2017 12:14 pm

If that's too much for the devs maybe they could at least get the gloves and boots. That would be awesome.

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Re: New gear and safe slots

Post by pearcekj » Thu Apr 13, 2017 6:45 pm

Safe slots would be great so you could Sprint unarmed without worrying about losing your primary weapon.

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