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Just a thought...

Post by StevenBillz » Thu May 24, 2018 11:20 pm

I've been playing this game for a while and i can't help it's missing something, some green :mrgreen:
Enter The Bog
The bog is a separate area of the game like Oasis, but has polluted swamps, hungery cannibals and monstrous beast so foreign, most wastelanders do believe they even exist. :twisted:
First you need to travel to the Slaver Camp and find an npc name Kleedis, who will offer to take you to his home town of Bumblestump (pleaseholder name) for 500c. There is a level requirement of 20.
Once you make it to bumblestump (placeholder) you notice the inhabitants of the little town are a little... strange. Things like huge boils to a snarky pair of conjoined twin are just the time of the freaky iceberg of the things you'll found in The Bog.
Im not 100% on quests after that but i have a few ideas on the creatures in The Bog.
Swamp Dragon-a mutant cross between a turtle and a gater. Its heavy armored and has a mean bite.The hide of these beasts are so thick some more experienced Wastelander will make armor from it. (Whink, Whink) 8-)
Stats: 25 Armor, 31 Damage, 5 Dodge, 15 Armor Penetration.
Drops: Dragon Hide (Skinner perk required)
Dragon teeth, Dragon Meat, Dragon Toe, (possible quest) Dragon egg(possible pet or food)

Mud Skipper/Skipper- A relative of the Scrap, The Skipper feeds on mud to get at the smaller critters in it. It will not pass up the chance for a more substantial meal however, and will launch mud covered in thick mucus at its prey.
Stats: 6 Armor, 11 Damage, 8 Dodge, 7 Armor Penetration.
Drops: Skipper meat, Skipper eggs(Food), Skipper Chorus.

Ghekko- Quick little buggers, the Ghekko will consume just about anything even its own if it is weaker. The Ghekko will, however, work together to bring down prey. In packs of 5 or more it can bring down a Swamp Dragon with relative ease.
Stats: 7 Armor, 12 Damage, 10 Dodge, 10 Armor Penetration.
Drops: Ghekko meat, Ghekko egg clutch( pet or food)

Scrawny Cannibal- The weakest of the cannibals they are horribly malnourished and will happily attack a waster on sight.
Stats: 5 Armor, 10 Damage, 5 Dodge, 3 Armor Penetration.
Drops:Spiked Stick, Rusty Pipe, Junk .

Man Eater- The overall bulk of the cannibal class. Man Eaters are a moderate threat and should not be engaged in groups.
Stats: 7 Armor, 20 Damage, 7 Dodge, 8 Armor Penetration.
Drops:Simple Spears, Junk Machetes, junk, Mystery Meat, chips.

Man Hunter/ The most dangerous of the cannibals, the Man Hunter are armed with ranged weapons. It goes without saying they should be taken lightly.
Stats: 14 Armor, 31 Damage, 6 Dodge 11 Armor Penetration
Drops: Rusty Manchester 1870 (possible new rifle)
Worn leather armor, hats, junk, mystery meat, chips.
If the stats are not ideal they can be changed :)

There will be several new rifles, pistols, shotguns, armor and clothing added to the new area. They are exclusive to the area as well as a level requirement. This items will serve as to the arena item but will not override them in terms of stats. Will not but stats because, well my head is a bit overloaded :?
Pistols- Scottfield Revolver(IRL counterpart S&W Schofield Revolver)
Walther p39 (IRL Walther P38)
Rifles- Manchester 1870(IRL Winchester Repeating Rifle)
Carcona M40 Rifle/Upgrade Scope(IRL Carcano M41)
Shotgun- Trenchgun(IRL Winchester Model 97 Trenchgun)

Well thats all i have in terms of ideas. I seriously think this is what the game need, because i feel it will bring in a lot of the older players and give the newer ones something to look forward to. Now im gonna stop typing because i feel my fingers cramping and my eye tearing and my brain melting from staring at a small screen for about 2 hours.

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