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Map editor

Post by ardesia » Sun Jun 03, 2018 9:26 pm

compbatant made the Map Editor available!

If you have ideas about new maps, quests and contents, download and unzip the Map Editor: then run start.bat on windows or on other systems.
You need java installed on your system.

This map editor can be used to make maps for Omega Vanitas.

Please note that creating a new content is not automatically letting it to be added to the game.
compbatant and the game staff will evaluate it.
When you intend starting design a new content, please post a brief description as reply to "new contents ideas" post:
If your idea is considered good for the game, you can design it and send compbatant all files to
Of course you will receive support on tech questions, which can be asked in reply of this post :)

To create new map click new map then choose map size.
Common map size is 10x10 however dungeons can be smaller.
Don't make bigger maps because some devices may have not enough memory.
Map name indicates its position in the world. Initial map has name 7.3, look at the world map in game to know where every map is.
Underground maps have names greater than 100.
To put tile on the map choose tiles category (SAND, ROAD, etc) then click on certain tile. You can rotate this tile by clicking on transformation button (rotate, flip).
To erase tile click right button.
To erase all tiles in current grid field click button "Clear tiles". Tile can't intersects grid.
To change background click on background button.
You can scroll map using middle mouse button.

To add active elements click Scenario button.

To add new enemy, NPC or bulding click on chosen unit. To remove building or chest click with pressed shift.
To remove enemy click Clear NPC.

If you want to add new tiles you can extend existing tiles located in directory tiles or you can create completly new tiles set.
To create new tiles set put your new file into tiles directory with number greater than last tile set.
Next open file terrain.list. Add new line:

Code: Select all

2 2.2 1 3 2
The first number is tileset unique id, next tile size (width.height where 1 equals 32pixels), next terrain type (0 - obstacle, 1 - ground, 2 - water) next walking cost (only for tiles which are not obstacles) and finally terrain sub type (1 for tree, 2 for road, empty for other).
If walking cost is small characters prefer to walk by this tile and walk faster.

Items are defined in items.list file.
First field is item id it must be unique then item's icon position from items files from directory textures/items/.
In file 1.jpg there are items from 0 to 99. In file 2.jpg are items from 100 to 199, in 3.jpg items 200 to 299, and in 4.jpg items from 300.
Next field is item type, item name, item parameters.
All fields are separated by tabulators except for item parameters which are separated by space.
You can also add item description as the last not mandatory field.

Drops are defined in drop.list file.
Example line from that file:

Code: Select all

20 100:4 30:2
First is enemy id(20), tabulator, probability(10%) of finding item with id 4, then space and next item definition.
Probability 1000 equals 100%, 100 equals 10%, 10 is 1% and 1 is for 0.1%.

When your character reach edge of the current map then it is automatically moved to next map.
There is one more method of moving beetwen maps - portals.
You can add also needed level to enter the portal as the last parameter.

Each shop is defined in its own file in shops directory.
The file name indicates shop position. File content:

Quests are associated with NPCs. Each NPC has it own file. The name of the file is the npc id.

Quests objects
Similar to quest but not associated with NPCs. This objects have exactly specified position.
Available quest commands:
xp - xp added after finishing quest
gold - chips added after finishing quest
item - item added after finishing quest
needed_gold - minimum chips needed to start quest ( it will be taken by NPC)
needed_item - item needed to start quest ( it will be taken by NPC)
needed_item_return - item needed to start quest (you don't loose it)
quest_log - specify message added to quest log
teleport - teleport player to specified destination
notification - display notification message
needed_level - specify minimum required level to start quest
finish - specify quest needed to be finished before starting this quest
follow - create pet with specified id
needed_follower - you need to have pet with specified id to start quest
kill - kill all units with the specified id on this map ( with death animation)
remove - remove all units with specified id (disappear immediately)
create - create unit with specified id
jointeam - the NPC will join you as pet
leaveteam - detach pet with specified id
repeatable - after finishing quest don't add this quest id to the list of finished quest so you can trigger it again

Signs are defined in files in directory signs. When you click on sign text from that file is displayed.

You can edit units parameters by click edit factor from main editor menu.
To add new units put their gfx to assets/textures/units
Edit file spec.txt

Adding new NPC
Add new NPC gfx to assets/textures/npc3.jpg file in the fist empty slot.
Next add NPC specification line in assets/units.list file:
Next run editor and open "Edit factors".
Then click "Save".
Now you can use this new NPC and add it to any map.

New graphics
You can add your own created graphics or graphics with proper license.

Creating new content tips
Reward after finishing quest should match the level required to accomplish it.

To not mess up with spaces and tabulators in config files use file editor which can show them.
On Windows you can use for example: notepad++, on Linux: Scite. Turn on displaying invisible characters in program settings.
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Re: Map editor

Post by Rela13131 » Tue May 19, 2020 12:43 am

Sirve para tablet o móvil?
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Re: Map editor

Post by Yfars » Wed May 20, 2020 12:35 am

This is an old PC program. Map Editor is now integrated into the game client on all available platforms. This post will need to be removed due to irrelevance
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