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Posted: Fri Jul 20, 2018 3:57 pm
by Max Stone
I believe that if more community events are added, players will have a common goal, perhaps a PVP competition for clans to Duke it out and win a prize? Have it once a week in the Clan zone. Or perhaps a new level to the Slaver Underground Parking Lot? (Arena) Players can place set pre-set bets, Over a period of three months, Three clans can reach the finals, for the grand price being a IAP Lootbox. I feel as if this is added, it will add a new function for clans besides saftey in numbers ^^ Not to mention that it's balanced enough to not be a farmable option, That each clan had a fair shot at it. It will be a new and difficult challenge to get the crate, and players can have fun at the same time.