save in the bank the pet paid

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save in the bank the pet paid

Post by goesde1 » Tue Oct 09, 2018 6:48 pm

Hello everyone, my idea is this: the pet bought with real money, the premium, can be stored in the bank, if the player is wanting another option at the moment and did not want to eliminate the pet already awarded premium, because there was a financial investment, I think it will be better for both parties, you do not have to eliminate the one pet premium, when you need another pet, paid or free.

1st Example:

You buy a green tank, then want to buy two pet thrown premium, you will have to lose the green tank, just because you want to change pet premium,

Example 2:

You have two premium dogs such as pets, but you see higher profit in the game having two robots, shooters free of charge when you reach intelligence 25, unfortunately you will have to eliminate the premium pets, to catch the robot snipers.

I believe that this improvement in the game will make the game better, will have a return of some players as well as the entry of new players, the game will become more valued. : D !!!

there are more things to improve, pro game to top. Embrace stays with God.

I used google translator, any questions please ask

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