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Rule nr 14

Posted: Mon Sep 20, 2021 7:46 pm
by Zamedi
Hi, please think abbout rule nr 14 new .
I not undestand why you hate that players play with more than one devices . I am not interrestet for pvp, i hav wroten in forum. I only whant fight monsters and doing quests .
But for doing this i need some times help, best help is by my self.
I hav all my accouts build to help my self .
So please giv me a chance to play this game to my funn.
Aktually i must payd lot of rare items to get help , while rule nr 14.
And i hav enought good accounts to do this self and pehaps better.To kill player in pvp is not funny for me, i hate it. I only whant kill monster and doing quests.
Please make rule nr 14 new.