Anyone else wondering what's going on?

As the description says!
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Anyone else wondering what's going on?

Post by Hamjam » Fri Apr 21, 2017 8:15 pm

So a lot of stats got lowered. My impression from pretty much everyone in the game was frustration and confusion. It did not say anything in announcements. If anyone has details PM me or if its ok to put up here please do.
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Re: Anyone else wondering what's going on?

Post by Aegis » Sat Apr 22, 2017 5:47 am

Btw lets all try to gather our feedbacks on a single post in the most appropriate section to get the correct visibility by the team here:

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Re: Anyone else wondering what's going on?

Post by BlitzCraig » Sat Apr 22, 2017 6:36 am

it seems as though at least some of the bugged skills have been fixed. (along with other bugs) For example, the SPRINT skill is supposed to give 30 speed bonus when you're unarmed,however, if was actually giving 30 speed when unarmed PLUS 30 speed, 15 armor, and 10 dodge whether armed or not. Clearly, this was artificially boosting accounts with that skill a great deal. Others may have been fixed as well, but I will add that we do know there are still more to be fixed. If you know of any, please report them to a GM via PM here on the forum. If it one that is not on our "to do" list, you'll be rewarded :D

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Re: Anyone else wondering what's going on?

Post by BlitzCraig » Sat Apr 22, 2017 9:41 am

I've locked a few threads about this and directed everybody here. Allow me to address some of the more common concerns:

First and foremost, I understand that it is frustrating to feel like you've gone backwards in the game. My responses below are not meant to be attacks, or to be disrespectful, or trivializing the frustration. They are an attempt at sharing a bigger view which will hopefully help us all work towards what's best for the game and the community.

"I'm weak now, it's not fair" - You're not weak now, you were extra strong before. As far as "fair" goes, trust me when i say that this shouldn't be your goal... new players will not benefit from this bug, so "fair" would be removing all the levels that everybody gained through having extra strong characters for the last couple weeks... I know this is not what you want lol

"You broke the game because I can't gain levels as fast as I could with this bug"
- No, the game isn't broken, it's clearly better and you'll see that as soon as you get over the shock and disappointment. The skills are more balanced now that they're working the way they were designed, and going forward, there will be less confusion about game mechanics because the fixed skills now do what they always said they did.

"Now I can't do what i could before and I die sometimes" - allow me to reword this concern in a way that might help gain perspective... "I've been playing for a few weeks and now the strongest monsters in the game can kill me sometimes." ... if this is still a concern, I suggest you don't understand how games are supposed to work (Again, I'm trying to be direct, not rude)

"We should be allowed a free reset since the skills and stats have changed a lot."
- I agree. I'll be asking the dev for all accounts to be reset ASAP. (no guarantee it'll happen, but I'll ask)

"You should have warned us this was coming." - I disagree, but I'll respect your wishes. Please take this message as warning that all future bugs will also be fixed as they're discovered.

"You nerfed the skills and/or changed the mechanics and I don't like it " - no, nothing was nerfed or reduced (in this update, not saying it never will be in the future, idk about that) All that happened was that some of the skills which were bugged have been fixed.

Ok, I'll add other concerns as they present as common... hopefully this helps a bit, and comes off as fun, not mean ;)

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Re: Anyone else wondering what's going on?

Post by pearcekj » Sat Apr 22, 2017 10:35 am

I loled. We need you on call at all hours of the night to trivialize these frustrations as soon as they arise. :)

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Re: Anyone else wondering what's going on?

Post by Killazoo » Sat Apr 22, 2017 10:41 am

I'd be fine with all accounts being reset to lvl 0. Some of the major bug users wouldn't. I'd hate to see my lvl 50 account gone also.but would give a fair start for everyone
I hear more people wantin b the same. It is not fair that the higher levels that used and exploited the pvp bug to get such a high level. And to some they think dmgames favors them more so.

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Re: Anyone else wondering what's going on?

Post by bbardiya » Sat Apr 22, 2017 12:14 pm

Is it our problem the game is full of bug?
I remember from the release day till now always bug abusers was stronger
At first lvling was too easy so few people use this and become high lvl
Then lvling become extremely hard but high lvls still high
When Rotter and sadist discovered few of people who got colt spacial and SSA start getting lvl so fast on sadist so high lvls got more high
Now you fixed all bugs and expect everyone be happy when there is lvl 50 player?

You know what's the problem??
You should fix all bugs test whole game and then release it
What did devs done was
They relesed game then start fixing these big bugs

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Now this game is dead
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Re: Anyone else wondering what's going on?

Post by DirtyHarry » Sat Apr 22, 2017 12:55 pm

I said something similar in guild chat, the gane should have had an alpha release, with user base having full kmowledge that after bugs were ironed out the game would be reset but all alpha players would he rewarded n some way.

20% experience loss on death is overwhelmily unfair given the grind required now to level up, not to mention the fact that level 3-35 are all now fighting over the same npc spots to level up at causing more pvp encounters and thus more exp loss.

You need to reduce exp gained off other enemies and difficulty in killing them, leave harder to kill enemies and better exp enemies to new maps down the road, and rebalance exp lost to a new sacle, the higher your level, the greater the % loss up to a max % treshold.

I'm still debating whether to continue playing on limited maps over limited lvl up grounds.
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Re: Anyone else wondering what's going on?

Post by Mythologic » Sat Apr 22, 2017 1:06 pm

I agreed said mr bbardiya ... Dont using all Players be Beta tester for your game :| find the bug, glicth And many problem .. And black sheep mechanis you game.. why at first realize say this "Game BETA VERSION"

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Re: Anyone else wondering what's going on?

Post by Killazoo » Sat Apr 22, 2017 1:14 pm

In some ways your right Barbadia but yet the players are unordained testers to help the creators further improve their game. Yet we are in cyber world here not real life so the baby can be reborn time and time again and to level the playing field and make it fair for everyone. I strongly belive that there needs to be a full server reset if not just levels. Only because the devs. Nerfed. The %s from stats to combat the OP ruling of the highest levels in game. But now they know all it did was ruined the game for anyone under level 29. It just has to happen to balance the game now.

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