Anyone else wondering what's going on?

As the description says!
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Re: Anyone else wondering what's going on?

Post by Cashew » Sat Apr 22, 2017 11:04 pm

This is why I always check the forums before signing in.

Back to FT, not dealing with this frustrating bs lol. I had JUST gotten to the point where this game was playable, not starting off getting killed again by everything.

Just a side note to the developers, it's wrong to update a game without telling people what you've done. Just saying. Start telling us vague hints on what you change when you update something.

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Re: Anyone else wondering what's going on?

Post by DirtyHarry » Sun Apr 23, 2017 12:41 am

As a standing rule any dev that doesnt provide changelog on update gets a negative google review imo.

Often bigger changes are hidden behind the obvious changes.

If you want a community driven game development, whats the harm in an open policy of changes upcoming/complete.
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Re: Anyone else wondering what's going on?

Post by pearcekj » Sun Apr 23, 2017 1:04 am

If anyone wants to contribute to the discussion about experience loss upon death, here's my initial post from not too long ago. Feel free to add your own experiences and opinions on it. Keep it civil and constructive.


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Re: Anyone else wondering what's going on?

Post by Bulldawg » Sun Apr 23, 2017 4:18 am

Its not the speed or staying alive that makes us mad whats us mad is the fact that itll take near 2 weeks for an off and on player to lvl up 1 time. I would rather reset to 0 and keep the stats before now then i would stay with the stats from update. Whats the point of playing a game that even if you played for an whole year you wouldnt even get half way. I dont you all relize most people get bored of a game within 1 month and the play a game that requires so much farming its just overwhelming. so in my frustration i say, IF YOU WANT TO KEEP US PLAYING then dont nerf us and piss us all off just make the monsters stronger with higher hit rates. Its plane as day there are games out there that make updates by the week without problems i understand you are still trying to fix the bugs in tour game before making to many updates but maybe one new map a month with stronger mobs. Or just half the xp gained if you think we sre all leveling up to fast for other there is always more then 1 solution to these types of problems you should of more then nerfing next time.

NOTE: I understand your frustration, but please read my post; nothing got nerfed, and enemy's stats were not increased with this update - Blitz

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Re: Anyone else wondering what's going on?

Post by Moneypenny » Sun Apr 23, 2017 4:22 am

BlitzCraig wrote:
Sat Apr 22, 2017 9:41 am
I've locked a few threads about this and directed everybody here. Allow me to address some of the more common concerns:

First and foremost, I understand that it is frustrating to feel like you've gone backwards in the game. My responses below are not meant to be attacks, or to be disrespectful, or trivializing the frustration. They are an attempt at sharing a bigger view which will hopefully help us all work towards what's best for the game and the community.

"I'm weak now, it's not fair" - You're not weak now, you were extra strong before. As far as "fair" goes, trust me when i say that this shouldn't be your goal... new players will not benefit from this bug, so "fair" would be removing all the levels that everybody gained through having extra strong characters for the last couple weeks... I know this is not what you want lol

"You broke the game because I can't gain levels as fast as I could with this bug"
- No, the game isn't broken, it's clearly better and you'll see that as soon as you get over the shock and disappointment. The skills are more balanced now that they're working the way they were designed, and going forward, there will be less confusion about game mechanics because the fixed skills now do what they always said they did.

"Now I can't do what i could before and I die sometimes" - allow me to reword this concern in a way that might help gain perspective... "I've been playing for a few weeks and now the strongest monsters in the game can kill me sometimes." ... if this is still a concern, I suggest you don't understand how games are supposed to work (Again, I'm trying to be direct, not rude)

"We should be allowed a free reset since the skills and stats have changed a lot."
- I agree. I'll be asking the dev for all accounts to be reset ASAP. (no guarantee it'll happen, but I'll ask)

"You should have warned us this was coming." - I disagree, but I'll respect your wishes. Please take this message as warning that all future bugs will also be fixed as they're discovered.

"You nerfed the skills and/or changed the mechanics and I don't like it " - no, nothing was nerfed or reduced (in this update, not saying it never will be in the future, idk about that) All that happened was that some of the skills which were bugged have been fixed.

Ok, I'll add other concerns as they present as common... hopefully this helps a bit, and comes off as fun, not mean ;)
Thanks for the reply now I understand what happened. So I have adjusted my stats to live in the "new" omega veritas. I can still train on those big xp mobs but I have to be really careful... those guys get in a couple of lucky shots and it bye bye baby.....

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Re: Anyone else wondering what's going on?

Post by Bence » Sun Apr 23, 2017 5:31 am

Im lvl 21. Cant lvl up. Cant fond any efficient place to farm xp because everything can kill me so fast.

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Re: Anyone else wondering what's going on?

Post by bbardiya » Sun Apr 23, 2017 5:43 am

One hour on trouble maker only 30k exp
How much I need for lvl up?
2m :oops: (if I don't die)
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Re: Anyone else wondering what's going on?

Post by Jojo666 » Sun Apr 23, 2017 9:26 am

Hey all

For me (level 14, casual player), the update is not a big trouble. Can farm almost like before.

My concerns are more about the lack of in game goals :

- i did all the quests despite mcjoel bro since i cannot stand in the bandits camps, i need several levels to do that so nothing to do waiting to be strong enought

- i got the best gears ( cow boy hat, fire axe, buffalofield and toz 12mm, leather vest, rodeo shirt, cow boy jeans, shoulders...). So i store about 5000 $ but nothing to do with since i already got thr best.

- already visited thr whole map

- realize that faction building is useless since town and sold factions waiting for destroy it instantly.

So really need implement news gears with craft (armor ...) or merchants. New quests with real rewards, the unimplemented skills (got 8 in intelligence for almost nothing). All in order to give purposes to the game.

Kisses and sorry for the english, it s not my tongue.

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Re: Anyone else wondering what's going on?

Post by Kabuki » Sun Apr 23, 2017 10:19 am

So will there be all characters reset to 0 and if yes, (approximately) when we can expect that?

Also, for anyone who thinks, that skills now are fair, consider that lvling up in late stages of game you will need 2.000.000 exp pts and best mobs currently give 650 exp, but being high level you're still very vulnerable to their attacks. There's high chance that you die and lose 20% exp pts. (few to tens of hours grinding).

I'm not familiar with many similar MMORPG's, but a few that i played there was completely different feeling in gameplay- you are weak in the begging, so you need to kill weak mobs. Later your lvl increase, you jump to average mobs, kill them lvl up- jump to more powerful mobs. And as getting very high lvl, weak and average mobs no longer pose threat, you kill em with ease.

In OV being high lvl, you still feel weak and your character is very vulnerable. Maybe game dev want's to keep this game hardcore, with all that risks and keeping high lvl players as average, not letting them become ubers.
Maybe this is attractive for a while, but if you spend at least a month in this game, soon you begin to realize that you reached nothing in this game and there's not a lot of possibilities to improve.

Also after an update, a lot of players that were here from the beginning are no longer playing. I hope this game not become empty in long term.

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Re: Anyone else wondering what's going on?

Post by Rha » Sun Apr 23, 2017 12:26 pm

I was very disappointed at first when they "nerfed" the stats but i guess that goes for everyone.. Grinding just became a lot harder than it was an i just reset my char to be able to grind the higher xp mobs...

I hope the devs realise what the consequences are of this update.. Everyone between lvl 10 and 30 will be grinding the same mobs. And since the brawler spawnpoints were already too crowded, its just gonna get worse. Everyone above lvl 30 can keep grinding the higher lvl mobs so the advantage they already had becomes a lot bigger.. Some ppl already stopped playing. Everything is more timeconsuming than it already was. And mixed with the xp loss mechanic you have a recipe for ragequitters and virtual bullies...

But after a day i realise that the devs fixed a bug and it wasnt a nerf. We all have to adjust to the new conditions and find a new way to grind. And keep in mind that the game is fresh and growing. We already know more maps will come with new mobs. Im sure the robots will easy our pain..

So my advice to the devs is:
- Please change the xp loss mechanic
It is simply too punishing and it has never been done in any game where a high lvl player can just murder anyone and destroy hours and days of gameplay within a minute
(Reminds me of that South Park episode about WoW)
- A complete lvl reset might be an idea but it would mean everyone gets a return on their used tokens otherwise it would be ripping ppl off
-Create more spawns and mobs for lvl 10-30 preferably brawlers
-Keep on doing what ur doing. This game is a diamond in the rough and it needs a lot of polishing and upkeep to work..
-Stay involved with the community like u are doing because i think the players spend more time ingame than the devs. Their insight and opinions are critical to the succes of OV

Tyvm for all the work you have done so far, keep it up

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