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LV UP faction recruiting

Posted: Wed Apr 26, 2017 9:35 pm
by Bulldawg
Hello and welcome to LvUp if you wish to join our faction you need to pm me in game or on forums.

To join just pm me your gamer name and tell me why you want to join us if you are known in the game as a trouble maker then you probably wont be accepted into our faction.

RULES: 1)no starting fights with other factions simply because they were in a spot before you and you want that spot anyway. If they are there before you then leave them alone or ask to join. Dont be stupid and pick on everyone because your in our faction.

2) No stealing items from base, no one likes a theif. You can use the items if you want or if they are givin to you but dont take every single item inside a building and sell it all off. (Dont be jerk and take our shiz without asking and this also includes scamming others)

3) If Someone attacks you for no reason or is purposly blocking the spawns in the area you are currently in try to tell me or randy of it, if we arent on and they are still doing it then you can take matters into your own hands.

4) DO NOT attack our allied factions.

5) Dont be rude to others in the faction try and play nice with new players and you better be nice to people who are higher level then you.

Have fun in our faction if there are items that you really want kept safe and have no room in bank but dont wanna put into a tower tell me or other high trusted members and we will hold onto it for you.

In other words if you feel like it could be wrong and you could get in trouble for doing it dont do it. If you do break any of these rules there will be hell to pay :twisted: . Anything me or randy find to be a loop around the rules will still be considered agisnt them and punishment will be decided by what we deem necessary. HAVE FUN!