Private House Pet Storage

As the description says!
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Private House Pet Storage

Post by BHP » Sat Jun 06, 2020 11:21 pm

I purchased a private house and for anyone who is curious about how storing pets work here is a quick bit of info.

When you open your houses inventory you will notice at the end of your bag a picture of your pet(s) will appear. You can choose to store them like any other item and there is no limit on how many pets you can store as long as you have space for it. As far as i can tell.
If you would like to take pets out of your house you must have a empty slot for the pet you want to take. You Cannot store pets in your inventory in order to trade them with players. If you attempt to take more then 2 pets they will automatically be returned to your house.
This picture below shows off some of the icons for pets when stored in your house.

I hope this answered any questions anyone might have on this topic :)
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