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Mute system

Posted: Thu Jul 06, 2017 6:23 pm
by ardesia
It can happen that a GM mutes a character.
A muted character can write in public chat and can whisper other players, but just friends and faction mates will see his/her words; a muted character can also normally use faction chat.
Game Masters can read muted characters.
A muted character has a [ยง] symbol after the level in the name line.

Muting is generally used as punishment, as an example for bad chat language.
All characters have a mute counter, set to zero as starting value.
Every time a character gets a mute, the counter is increased, affecting the mute lenght:

1 mute: 1 day
2 mutes: 3 days
3 mutes: 1 week
4 mutes: 1 month
5 mutes: permanent

A mute cannot be undone.
It has to last its whole duration.