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Enemies reference guide

Posted: Sun Sep 30, 2018 5:12 pm
by ardesia
We prepared a spreadsheet containing all publicly available enemies information.

It has been created accordingly with the map editor files.

The Enemies Sheet can be opened from this link: ... sp=sharing

(It's a read-only version of a google-drive file owned by the Game Staff account)

It is possible to access it through a computer, and Android offers a Google Drive app as well.

Since it's a read only link, it's not possible to sort the contents: we prepared several pre-sorted sheets.
Just switch between them to find the sorting you most need.
In a computer browser, they're at the bottom; on a phone, they're likely at the top (image in the spoiler tag)
Schermata 2018-09-30 alle 18.29.47.png
Schermata 2018-09-30 alle 18.29.47.png (32.7 KiB) Viewed 739 times
The file can also be downloaded, so to be sortable in the local version.

It is our hope that many will find it useful.
We will add more columns in the future, when new enemies are added to the game.

We can also modify the file accordingly to players' requests, if we skipped something the community thinks is needed

Re: Enemies reference guide

Posted: Thu Aug 22, 2019 10:23 am
by ardesia
The Game Team list, hierarchy and rules post and the Team members list have not been updated since I left the game and retired from staff last November, so I am not certain about how to communicate the following info to the staff.
Hopefully, this post will work fine.

During these nine months, Google has continuosly been proposing me to login as OV staff instead of as my personal account, which is pretty annoying.
I created the OV Google account as a tool for the staff. No one from the game staff did try moving account's ownership to a staff member when I retired.
I believe nine months is a long enought time span, so I am going to delete the account, resulting in the removal from existence for the Enemies reference guide file as well.
Players are warned: if you like the reference file, better downloading it right now.

In case a staff member would wish to take control of the OV account (so saving the reference file as well), please contact me by the end of the current week.