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Here you will find any important info about the game and the forum!
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FAQ :: Frequently Asked Questions

Post by ardesia » Fri Apr 14, 2017 7:51 am

FAQ :: Frequently Asked Questions

Many questions you might have about OV have here an answer.
It is suggested to read this document, before asking your questions as new posts.

It is also strongly advised that all players read the Game Manual: many questions not listed here have an answer there.

In case your questions are yet not answered here, please post them in the Call for FAQ.

FAQ index
1. Account handling
2. Communication
3. Game Team
4. Purchases
5. Character features
6. Quests
7. PvM and PvP
8. Factions
9. Miscellaneus

1. Account handling

Q. Why should I set an email to my account?
A. This will protect your account, from accidental loss. You can recover your password via email, should you forget it. Do not lose your email.

Q. Is there any way for changing email linking with my game account?
A. Emails are not changed, due to account trading etc. They are a security feature designed to retain ownership of an account. If you lose your email account, the game account may be lost permanently.

Q. I tried recovering my password by email, but I haven’t got an email; how long should I wait?
A. Email should be sent immediately, but some email providers are very slow; you should check your spam folder, as the recovery email ends up there often. If you have not gotten a reply within 24 hours, you can try contacting an admin via forum PM.

This is how the password recovery system works:
1. open the game app
2. write your account name in the "login" field
3. write something in the password field
4. the app gives you a "password recovery tool": write YOUR ACCOUNT NAME in it and submit it
5. read your email: you received a mail informing you a password recovery has been attempted. In case you don't see this mail, check your mail spam folder
6. click the link inside the received email
7. you will get an "ok" page, and receive another email with a new password
8. open game app and use that password to login
9. its is suggested to change this new password soon

Q. How can I rename my game’s account?
A. You cannot. Renames are only done in extreme cases, and are very rare.

Q. How can I play this game on my PC?
A. You can download a special PC version of the game from this link viewtopic.php?f=2&t=2354.

Q. Can I play this game on my apple device (iPhone, iPad, ...)?
A. Yes, you can open the AppStore branded app store and find our game in it.

Q. I can’t connect to game server. Why? My internet connection is good, I can browse different internet pages with my browser.
A. Check the forum. It is on the same server as the game; if it works, then the server is not down. In some cases, a single map may be down. Try an alt in a different location, or you may ask in forum chat, for example. If this still does not work, try clearing game cache, closing background programs, or restarting your device.

Q: I cannot login to my account!
A: Double-check the spelling of both the account name AND password. They are case sensitive (meaning that MyName is not same as myname) and they might have white spaces players sometimes forget to type. Also check your connection.

Q. What is it an IP?
A. An IP address (Internet Protocol address) is a code number, a label, identifying a device connected to the net. It allows the device identification, indispensable for it to be reachable and able to communicate with other devices.

2. Communication (forum PM, …)

Q. What is a forum PM? And how do I make one to a GM?
A. A PM is a Private Message. There are a couple ways. First, you need a forum account. You will need an accessible email address to create one, once completed you can send PMs. The easiest way for new players to send a PM to a GM, is clicking “The Team” on the bottom of the forum page. Here, you will see a list of GMs, Green names being admins. Click on one of the GM names, and you will see their profile; there should also be a button saying “Send a private message”. Click this, and you will be taken to your mailbox, with the recipient name already entered. Type a subject, and a description of your issue. At the very least, make sure you include your game account name, so they know who has the problem.
You may also, access your mailbox at anytime, by the envelope icon in the top right of the forum. When composing a new message, you need to type the recipient’s name EXACTLY in the To: field, and then click the add button. If correct, their name should appear just below the field window. You can continue the message as described above. Again, when having a problem, contact only one GM, or you may be ignored. This is covered in the game rules.

Q. I typed a PM, but it’s still in my outbox, what does this mean?
A. PMs stay in the sender’s outbox, until the recipient logs on. Then it is transferred to the recipients inbox. There is no way to know if they read it or not. Also note, when contacting a GM, contact only one; BUT, if you do not receive a response within 3 days, you may contact another. This is covered in the game rules.

Q. How will I know when I get a reply to my PM?
A. When you get a reply, you should see a red notification number on the envelope icon in the top right corner of the forum screen. The envelope brings you to your mailbox; you can click it to see what is in your inbox and your outbox (these are selectable on the left hand side). Selecting a message from the displayed list allows you view the message itself.

3. Game Team

Q. What are GMs and what are Admins?
GM (Game Masters) and Admins are volunteers, who keep the OV forum clean and the game running, working alongside game creator and (forum) administrator compbatant.
To know more about their role and how to contact them, read Game Team, hierarchy and rules post.

Q. What is a mod or a moderator?
A. This is another term for Game Master. Once, Game Masters were simply called moderators; some older posts and players might refer to them as such.
Please note the OV forum has a few forum moderators, mainly for non-english language subforums, who are not GMs, nor Admins. They are helpful to the GM team though, and may also help when dealing with problems that involve language barriers.

Q. I want to be a GM!! What can I do?
A. There are certain requisites needed to become a GM, such as speaking english, being 18yo at least and others. Read the introduction of the application form, they are all listed there!

4. Purchases (pet, skin, level, …)

Q. How do I buy add-ons like bag or pets?
A. OV offers several items and features in its real-money shop. Click the "Buy extra stuff" in game menu to read the list.

Q. I don’t see “buy extra stuff” at main game menu. Why?
A. There is an issue with your connection to your Google Play account.

Q. Will purchased pets revive if they die?
A. No, they won’t.

Q. Do pets level up?
A. No, they don’t.

Q. Where to grind, for appropriate levels.
A. There is not a single answer to this question. The best enemy to face depends not only on your character’s level, but also on its stats and class, not to mention your personal tastes. Some players like facing strong enemies one-by-one, others like to face weak enemies in great crowds.

Q. I logged, and was in a sandy map with no exit. What’s happening?
A. You could be in jail. A place with no entrance or exit. This is a punishment for violating certain rules.

Q. I am in jail! What is next?
A. You may have received a message on who to contact. Check that first. You need to contact a GM via forum PM; contact only one.

Q. What is an Outlaw?
A. An outlaw is a character who somehow broke game rules or who killed several unclanned players after attacking them. Outlaw characters have black name.

6. Quests

Q. What is a quest?
A. A quest is a task to be fulfilled. OV has many tasks, often presented by an NPC with a question mark on their head. Quests will give you rewards in form of XP, items, permissions to enter blocked areas or information on game storytelling.

7. PvM and PvP

Q. What does PvP mean?
A. PvP is short for Player versus Player, and refers to combat between players.

Q. What does PvM mean?
A. PvM is short for Player versus Monster, used to refer to players fighting monsters (or, in general, ingame enemies) situations.

Q. Why can't I attack someone lower level than me?
A. You can attack players only if their level is no more than 3 levels lower than yours, unless you and them are in non-allied faction or unless they recently attacked you.

Q. Why can't I kill someone lower level than me?
A. Several possible reasons. A big factor in OV is how you adjust your stats. Another factor can be the equipped gear. Finally, don’t forget the value of experience; some players are notoriously good at killing, and may have alts of varying levels.

Q. Why did someone lower level than me kill me?
A. Level is just one of several factors contributing to the final result of a PvP fight. Gears and stats settings might have a great part of it.

8. Factions

Q. What is a faction?
A. A faction is a group of players aiming to play together and sharing certain features and goals, such as constructing a base composed by buildings, sharing the storage these buildings provide, and using an ingame chat line visible only to faction members on the whole OV world.

Q. I sold my faction building by accident. Can GMs staff recover it?
A. No. There is a confirmation request on selling buildings. GMs do not replace them. Spies are part of the game.

Q. How can I exit from faction?
A. In order to leave a faction: click the Contacts menu (handshake icon), select the faction tab, and select the rank icon next to your name to get the option to remove from faction.

9. Miscellaneous

Q. A player offers to sell me purchasable items for game gold, may I trust them?
A. All purchases through other players are at your own risk.

Q. Why can’t I change map
A. There might be different issues preventing you from leaving a map to enter an adjacent one:
i. the map you are attempting to enter has not yet been developed or released;
ii. you are currently involved in PvP, thus the system is blocking your freedom to leave the current map;
iii. you are attempting to enter the adjacent map in a point corresponding with an obstacle (such as a mountain or a tree): move several steps from that point and try again;
iv. your screen is too zoomed out: it happens that zooming in a little bit helps in changing map.

Q. What is a pet?
A. A pet is an animal character who walks with you around the OV world, helping you fight enemies and giving you more bag space.
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