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GM Retirement

Posted: Fri May 31, 2019 6:37 pm
by Aegis
Hello to all the players!

I'm writing this post to announce officially my retirement from the Volunteer GM staff members.

This has been a hard decision after 2 years of good service given to the game and to the players,wich have been mostly enjoyable.

The main reason of this is due to an increase of IRL duties, responsibilities and less free time that does not give me enough free time to be able to guarantee a good performance of my role for the game and it's players.

I hope that someday when I get back some more free time and hoping that by then the game will shine more, gets all the future content and success it deserves due to being unique in its genere in the Google play store and who knows, maybe will just be a player or someday might become GM again, but right now this is the end of my service for this game for the time being.

Wish you all good luck and to enjoy to the fullest the game once it gets updated :)

Re: GM Retirement

Posted: Sat Jun 01, 2019 4:15 am
by Yfars
It is a pity that you leave. We will remember you and are always ready to accept your return to the game, no matter what status, ordinary player or GM. Good luck

Re: GM Retirement

Posted: Sat Jun 01, 2019 7:30 am
by Duglas Sytin