Gamemaster Apprenticeship Program

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Re: Gamemaster Apprenticeship Program

Post by TenSekond » Fri May 24, 2019 11:17 am

My main game account is:

All my other OV MMO accounts are:
Skeil, Satanistik, Skeil_CU, Calyvan, stremy

What accounts have you shared / bought / sold / traded?
i have been given one account: hibaksar. I myself did not give anyone accounts because it is prohibited by the rules of the game
but that happend before sharing rules became strict as they are now, so that was within the rules

When did you start playing Omega Vanitas?
April 2017

Have you ever been muted? If so, what for?
Once disconnected from the chat, I do not remember why.

Have you ever been outlawed? If so, what for?
No, never. During the whole game I just defended and did not attack.

Why do you want to be a gamemaster?
I often help today's GM, also i don't break the rules.,
editor in the fan group Vkontakte omega in admin only chat in Vkontakte,
often help players in omega, group,
I find players of small levels who liked the game and help them to get used to it,
so I would like to go on and become GM

Why should we accept you into the GMs community?
I have close contact with the community,
I make the necessary decisions in certain situations,
I have often had cases where I had to calm the raging players and solve other conflict problems

Did you read the Staff Rules before applying and will you follow them?
Of course I read, and willing to work according to these rules.

What is the current keyword?

List three people that can support your application. How long have you known these people?
MazeWindow, pemp, Mr_fog. know for roughly two years.

In which country you live and what is your timezone?
Russia UTC+3

Are you fluent in english?
I am learning English and often use a translator

What language(s) can you speak/type?
Russian, English

Are you older than 18 years? Minimum age required is 18 years!
I'm 17, born in 2002

Are you able to remain calm when under pressure or criticised?

Are you able to both work in team and individually?
can do both

Do you have previous experience as gamemaster? If so, in which game(s)?
No, I don't

Are you willing to use Facebook chats in order to communicate with the game team?
Yes, ready to register and use

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Re: Gamemaster Apprenticeship Program

Post by Tenez » Fri Jan 17, 2020 9:34 am

I want see Tensekond in GM. He help new members.

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