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Public chat commands

Post by ardesia » Sun Apr 23, 2017 8:36 pm

When you are online in the game, you can open the chatline not only to chat, but also to enter commands to do special things.
These commands are listed here, they are in bold lightgreen letters.
Just type them in public chat and press enter as you would have for a normal chat line.
Don't forget the slash "/" before every command, and be careful in typing, because commands are case-sensitive:
/w CharName hallo will only work, if the character is named CharName and not Charname, for example.

/c Hallo Faction
displays a global world faction message (orange chat)
all online faction members see the message "Hallo Faction"

/filter parameter
filters the chatline
if you just type /filter, you cannot hear anything said by others at all (GMs excluded: you will always see GMs and System lines)
there are 3 possible parameters: global, friend, clan
if you use one the the parameters, you do only read lines of the specified group (global=all, friend=only friends, clan=faction only).

/msg user+name message
sends a message to the named character (must be in your friends list)
a "+" is needed instead of a space " "

shows your map and position
can help you orientating in the wastelands and (as an example) setting up meeting points

shows Omega Vanitas official time, in a 24hrs-format: hh:mm.
OV time is global and it’s the same as the server time
this can help you to organise meetings, and is an helpful information to include in issues reports

gets rid of your pet; death animation is shown and the pet is gone forever

/w White mage Hello White
allows whispering to a single player (green chat), who must be on the same map and needs not to be in your friends list
only player "White mage" receives the message "Hello White" via chat line.
Note: in case a character named “White” is also present, they will see the whisper “mage Hello White” and character “White mage” won’t see anything

makes your pet stop/start walking with you
the pet stands still and will not walk behind you anymore
use command again, to undo it and toggle pet standing/walking close to you
if a pet is parked, and its whip is clicked while you’re walking, it will walk towards you then walk back to parking place
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