Referral link issues

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Referral link issues

Post by Yfars » Fri Apr 03, 2020 11:37 am

Some time ago, the current referral system in the game became obsolete and Google blocked it, so players will not be able to get the bonus level automatically. This problem will be solved after the developer changes some code in the game and updates the game client. Most likely this client update will be accompanied by an update to the game in the Play Market. At the moment, if one of the players decides to use the referral link, then he needs to provide GM with a video proving that the referral link was sent to his friend and the process of installing the game and registering the account through this link. Please note that during the registration of the account the player indicates his personal data, therefore it is strictly forbidden to send such a video to any other player and ask him to transfer this video to GM! This will be considered the creation of a common account, so GM will cancel the referral link and punish the culprit
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