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Private houses

Post by Yfars » Fri Jun 05, 2020 6:00 pm

Private house - new in the object in OV, which combines the function of storage for items and pets and a workbench with all existing recipes, as well around the house there is a small safe area with no pvp. Private house is subject to interaction and has no texture by itself, for this you need to find not busy building in the cities or anywhere else and ask the developer to set there the private house. Within your house there are 2 buttons, the left button opens the storage items, the right button opens a menu of recipes to create items. In principle, nothing complicated. At the moment private home is acquired only through special request on the forum that a game developer needs to review and approve
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Also there are some rules for the acquisition of homes:
  1. A private house cannot be placed next to quest objects or other objects with interaction. This will make it difficult to access your home or other objects
  2. A private house can only be installed on objects that are logically fit for human habitation. You can't have the house in the form of stone and so on
  3. A private home cannot be installed near any regular events or in dangerous places. In some cases, this can be used to gain advantage over other players, in other cases, it conversely could be a problem for the owner
  4. Only the game administration decides whether you can place a house in a specific coordinates. Over time, this opinion can be changed
To fully buy a house you need to purchase a special item "Private house" for real money and ask the developer of the game to activate it. Also in the game there is another item "Extend private house storage" which increases the storage of all purchased homes at 20 slots

Learn more about creating Private house here

A possible List of questions about houses:
  1. Question: Can I enter inside my house?
    Answer: At the moment no
  2. Question: Will deleted personal house, if its owner were permanently placed in jail or stopped playing the game?
    Answer: At the moment no
  3. Question: Is it Possible to break the player's house?
    Answer: Of Course not, otherwise why spend so much money?
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