Account Deletion Change

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Account Deletion Change

Post by Adamas » Thu Jan 26, 2023 3:34 am

I feel the few steps it takes to completely wipe your account from the face of the Omega world is a bit wayyy too easy..
The first two buttons are easy to press with hardly moving your thumb or if at all depending on its size..
& the 3rd required button is simply an ‘x’ and a gavel looking symbol…
I think yall should initiate methods used by other game companies have instilled such as :
-Requiring you to spell your characters name (Case sensitive)
-Requiring you to confirm via email.
-A timer upon which will count down & during this you cannot click ‘accept’ in the final decision of your character deletion.

I truly and highly suggest something of this nature is added tot he game to prevent mistaken deletions of hard work, and not to mention, time & money spent, on our characters.
I speak this from first hand experience.. Im new so, not the end of the world losing a somewhat lower level character, but the time, network of contacts, rare items & quests complete, and especially, the things i spent real money on that were permanent (Bank & Inv. increase) are simply gone for good. It really made me want to up & quit seeing as the deletion of my guy was a complete & utter mistake/accident. No intention whatsoever of having done so but, it has happened & i now only
wish to help prevent others from falling victim to an innocent option meant to allow you to wipe your slate clean of the omega world, while also freeing up memory space.
Please & thank you for your time.
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