Basic Walkthrough - (updates pending)

As the description says!
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Basic Walkthrough - (updates pending)

Post by Hamjam » Tue Apr 25, 2017 3:21 am

Hey folk! (As promised updates will continue and thank you all for the ideas. I am kinda just tapping this all out and have autocorrect turned off and am not proofreading so if you see a mistake or want to see other details that maybe I missed feel free to PM me!)

So I suppose I want to say I saw a lack of walkthroughs in this forum. I DO NOT make any attempt at knowing what is best or right for any player entering the wasteland. I just hope to help you survive longer.


Honestly if you don't have a benefactor or faction mates, life is hard. You are on your own, the way it should be at first. Scavenge. Search every rock pile. Check every burnt and rusted out car. Look at your surroundings. Locate the first town and the shops you can sell scavenged gear to.Once you enter the first town there will be a sign in the middle of town. It gives you a general overview about getting started and survival "For dummies". Avoid your first fight until you have a weapon and maybe a shirt. I don't care if its dirty clothes and a stick. This is my humble opinion. Once you are confident, and can take the fight to the wasteland. Kill some bugs. Get out there. You might just die or through some strange miracle survive!


This is a critical and difficult stage in your development as an OV player. Life is hard. Survival is not easy. You are strong, willing as well as able? Lets find out.

Move close too cities. Water, food and rad/sickness protection sources become priority if you wish to progress. Expect to get killed. Life is not easy in the wastes. Again keep and sell anything of value. This often means rare junk, top tier construction materials, clothing you cant use and sometimes rare and awesome gear. Some items, you might want to consider adding to your collection of weird odds and ends you hold onto. Maybe someday you will invent something new. Or just rebuild the wheel with what you have left over. Bugs will be your primary source of experience at this level. Although lepers may be an option past lvl 2-3 depending on your build and gear. Bug meat can be sold in towns. Pick cactus fruits and check trees, cars and rockpiles. Most looted items can be sold or used in some manner. You will learn certain towns offer more for certain items. Some also charge different prices.


This is a critical and scary place. You will want to learn certain mobs and behaviors. You want to start looking for low level outlaws or people who want to be one. Never assume you are safe in a non safe zone. Never assume you are safe in a safe zone if your hungry or sick. You will die. I personally recommend actively seeking spots where you can build levels and survive. Many folk, myself included made a priority of currency in this game. Having cred to spend can mean the difference between life and death. Lepers were suggested for farming at this level. They do drop a lot of materials or actual bandages and this helps to keep you out in the wastes longer. Tear up all the clothing they drop and craft away. It is important to keep an eye on your sickness, thirst, hunger and radiation while at it. Often in that order. Be careful not to get surrounded or try and fight more than you can handle. Lepers can be found south of Silosia. There are also human mobs that share the map with Silosia. They can be fought around this level as well although they do not drop as many materials for bandages. They do have different drops though and you might get lucky. There is the benefit of being near a town. Giving you the option to run to a safe zone if need be. Once your comfortable, explore a bit and find what suits you best for game progression. Here is where you can make choices. I hope anyway. We still have a skill tree that is not quite yet active in some respect.


I think the real currency in this game is grit and a desire to survive and accept the wasteland. This is where you find out if you have it. Brawlers will become a mainstay mob for creds and sometimes useful gear. Sell the pants at the clothing store for maximum return on your effort. Other gear will drop but you need to learn what is worth keeping and what is not. A lot of players often hang around the spots where they spawn so you have competition, but if you keep it friendly you also have backup. This is where you will encounter people telling you not to block a spawn point more often if you have not already heard it from players already. Don't block spawn points! Also try to learn where to stand so you can all get kills and gear! It takes time but you will learn as you go. This also brings us to the idea of finding new spawn spots that work for you. It is dangerous work, but it can pay off in the form of new gear and possibly less traffic and competition. Keep in mind there is less back-up also should you get overwhelmed. I currently am in this area of leveling and will simply start quoting most posts or asking you to refer to them below. Also, for prolonged experience grinds it is recommended you bring medicines and radflush as well as food and water to avoid a non combat death. You could be kicking butt, getting epic gear and feeling invincible. Yet none of us are immune to starvation or sickness.

Also to quote Rha from below

"Make friends not enemies"

It will prolong your survival out there. I wanted to update this and say that since first writing this I seem to have made some enemies. : D Just remember folks you are not immune to the animosity of other players. Keep your eyes open out there.
Even if it is a wasteland in regards to it being a work in progress. We all have a chance to shape this project as the first people to invest time and energy into it. I welcome and will update as valid ideas and truths come in.
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Re: Basic Walkthrough - (updates pending)

Post by ardesia » Tue Apr 25, 2017 7:09 am

Well done, Hamjam.
I'm sticking up this post so it wont get lost in the flow.
Let's keep it updated with hints from players :D

I'm starting, noting that in Silosia they can read a brief and useful set of hints. They have been written by our dear dr. Allen, who posted them on the main road board.
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Re: Basic Walkthrough - (updates pending)

Post by Rha » Tue Apr 25, 2017 9:22 am

A walkthrough would be very useful for any new players that join the wasteland. So i would suggest adding some more specific information in regards to where and what to grind. Like...

Lvl0-5 Grind bugs and sell the meat at the food store. Meanwhile try farming cacti for the fruit which also sell for a reasonable price for any noob. Bug meat and green cactus fruit sell for 4$ and the red fruit sells for 8$. Bugs and cacti can be found on any map.

Lvl5-10 Grind lepers. These mummy looking humans are actually diseased people who need to be put out of their misery before the leprosy starts spreading to us healthy players. They drop a lot of bandages so u can keep yourself alive while grinding them. Keep an eye on the sickness bar though while using those dirty leprosy bandages. The lepers can be found on the map south of Silosia.

Lvl10-20 This is a tough grind. Most people will be grinding brawlers at this point. (you can try grinding brawlers before lvl 10 but this really depends on your build). Better xp than the lepers but what makes the brawler spawns such a popular place has a lot to do with the loot they drop. They drop 3 different types of leather pants which sell for 44, 80 and 120 coins at the clothes store in Silosia. So you can easily make money there and have enougb to save and buy drugs etc to stay alive. Brawlers can be found on the farm map among other places.

Lvl20-30 At this point you will notice howmuch more xp you will need for another lvl. So the grind becomes much more timeconsuming and takes more careful planning. I am lvl 23 atm and i usually grind drifters using my varmint rifle. The drifters drop the .223 ammo needed for this rifle so i can keep on grinding as long as i have enough healing items. By selling the pipe rifles they drop at either the nomad town or the most west town for 85 coins a piece, i make enough money to buy medkits in Silosia. Drifters can be found in the southwestern regions.

Lvl 30+ From other players i have learned that the higher lvl players (25-30+) can still grind the sadists in the southern bandit maps. But since im lvl 23 i cannot provide much insight here so i would love some info from one of the more experienced players.

-Keep in mind that your build ultimately decides what you can handle.
-You lose 20% of your xp when you die. So when you need to buy meds to survive just buy them, unless your xp counter is at 0. You dont lose equipped gear bit some of the items in your bag will.
- Always keep an eye on your survival bars(thirst, hunger, sickness, radiation and most importantly health) Its better to survive a poor man than to die rich. So buy drugs, drugs are good m'kay.
-Plan your steps. There is nothing more frustrating than having to run all the way back to town because you forgot to buy medkits or healing items.
-Dont use shoulder armor or any heavy armor that reduces dodge. In my experience dodge is a lot more important than armor.
-Make friends not enemies
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Re: Basic Walkthrough - (updates pending)

Post by DirtyHarry » Tue Apr 25, 2017 11:03 am

For long grinds i always have food/water and rad flush with me, use em up for loot spots in bag if needed.
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Re: Basic Walkthrough - (updates pending)

Post by Broot » Sat Nov 04, 2017 2:09 am

Lower equipment gear can be scrapped for bandages as well. The lepers drop a lot of worthless chest,leg, and head pieces that can be scrapped for the materials need to make poor bandages, same goes all the way up depending on your relative value.
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