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Post by Vevrok » Wed Mar 29, 2017 4:01 am

The game need be balanced, all is wrong.

- Low mobs has high HP.
- Mobs hit more hard than us (OP MOBS)
- We need a HP REGEN.
- The BAR Of exp is high to lvl 2, makes it more easy until 5.
- When die back to beginning... lol (When you belongs in city, there will be yours spawn? Add please, us need walk tiredly :p
- When die lost exp? Remove that, add when the game had more peoples or something like this. (Hardly to lvl up without team)
- Fix these crash (im playing says: Omega vanitas has stopped) all time.
- Create a chat system better, show all screen when in chat, and see latest messages without need use commands? That's a ideia.
- C < > GOLD? Hard to loot.
- when die lost less exp.
- Button to add friend wihout need go tougther him? Nice suggestion.

Add a mini-chat like FORGOTTEN TALes?
Add a area to CLANS topic
Add a Graphics topic
Add a reporting topic
Add Omega Vanitas topic (all what happen in game, discussions?)
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