A Few Minor Suggestions

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A Few Minor Suggestions

Post by Mourn8220House » Mon Jan 13, 2020 6:23 am

I'm a new player to Omega Vanitas, been playing for a few days and I'm already addicted to the grind but some things feel rather tedious. I'm just going to list my suggestions here because I don't want to spam the forum with too many posts from me since I just joined (if this isn't allowed GMs feel free to take it down then). I am by no means a game developer or a critic, I play for fun.

1) Item Stacking
I've constantly found myself carrying multiples of the same item and each one taking up an individual slot in my inventory and then having to haul everything back to town just so I can carry more items. I feel that making items stackable in 5s or 10s would be a major help with grinding but still be balanced. This isn't Fallout 4 where I'm lugging around 50 duct tape rolls and 20 teddy bears because I'm a psychopath.

2) Scavenge Success/Fail Chance Percentage
Showing the percentage of scavaging success/fail chances would be a nice touch to add. Personally, I want to know my odds and if trying is worth it.

3) Scavenging Outcome
When you have an item that can be scavenged to receive another item (EX: If you scavenge a spoon and if it's a success you receive junk metal) it would be great to have it somewhere in the description that it provides (input material) when scavenged. As for balancing this idea, make the information hidden to the player until the item has been successfully scavenged. Then just do the same with every item that can be scavenged.

That's all I can think of for now. A big shoutout to the developer for all his awesome work already!

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Re: A Few Minor Suggestions

Post by Yfars » Mon Jan 13, 2020 2:37 pm

1. This contributes to realism, so that players can not take so many things with them. Suppose, in your proposed version, a player can take 60 bandages with him if they can be combined into at least 3 pieces. It's not realistic
2. 50% for parsing in hands, 60% for parsing on a level 1 workbench and 70% for parsing on a level 2 workbench. This is not such significant information to display it in the game. In addition, again the same realism, when the player does not know what and how it works
3. Then what is the point of displaying this information if the player already independently remembers what he can get after disassembling the item?
Perhaps these are my personal nit-picking, but this information is really not required in OV. This game is aimed at independent research, but not at an easy game
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