Pvp or chasing down player

As the description says!
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Pvp or chasing down player

Post by Sapto » Sat Aug 01, 2020 7:13 pm

I dont know why but in past few day i mostly meet player who like to kill other player with low level. And mostly they kill in some danger area like jungle,arena,dungeon,even near any city is not save place if you are hunted by several player with mosly lvl 50+.today i got killed by some weird man he come from somewhere and start shot me with his sniper whic i look in my mini map. His distance is very far from me maybe he have binocular and eagle eye perk. His shot damage me 15% and very acurate i cant escape and look like still not become outlaw. I meet same prey to near city that im respawn.is this action is legal kill continously,lose item and 20%exp that collected,and no one can fight back.are we need pvp protection each week?
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